Your photo experience...

Nature, in my opinion, is the most powerful place on Earth. It's where I find myself more present and more attentive. It is there, close to the ocean or in the forest where I seek inspiration to provide and live the experience of a photoshoot, surrounded by fresh or salt water, sand or earth, green and blue colors.

Being on an Island like Maui is an experience that you will cherish for years to come. Doing a photo session on a special place like that will take you back to the moments you lived on this day, whenever you see your photos, bringing those good feelings and unforgetable memories .

And these moments need to be, above all, fun. A photoshoot is based on the idea of ​​each person who comes in contact with me and who identifies with the work I do in natural environments. When the first contact is made, you can tell me a little about yourself, how you envision your session. We will talk about details, what to wear, everything directed in a way that you feel comfortable and safe on the day of your photo experience.

The experience lasts about 1 to 2 hours depending on the idea and number of people. Whether it's on land or water, you with yourself, you and your partner, family, friends, your brand. During the session I will direct you in a less posed way. It's more about how you see yourself in the world and I'll help you with my photography eye. The experience brings lightness and the idea is that you end the photoshoot with a feeling of "today I felt like myself" with nature surrounding you.


“...there is a place
that vibrates
with my heartbeat
and must be
close to nature...”