The connection between a woman and the beach, the sand, the forest, the wind that makes you more present. This photoshoot is an invitation to enjoy all the energy we carry with us when we spend a day by the ocean or in the forest.

Hawaiian hula dancer adorned in lei and grass skirt kneeling on rock in Maui Hawaii
Woman wearing dress blowing in wind with wave splashing in background on beach in Maui Hawaii
Woman posing in sunflower field with valley mountains backdrop in Maui Hawaii
Close up of white shirt draped off woman's shoulder in Maui Hawaii
Woman on Maui beach with arms raised above head and flowers in hand and on hair
Close up of woman's shoulder with star tattoos on a beach in Maui Hawaii
Woman turning head with hair blown and sunshine coming over top of her head
Woman wearing bikini top and white button up shirt on beach in Maui Hawaii
Close up of woman holding up lei in Maui forest
Woman barefoot in Maui forest looking up at trees
Woman sitting on large boulder in the middle of a Maui river
Woman crouched down on black sand Maui beach touching the ground
Woman standing in field of flowers staring on at Maui hills backdrop
Woman in bikini standing amongst lush brush in Maui forest
Pregnant woman walking on black sand Maui beach

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