I am really happy you came to see a bit of my work here!

My name is Thaís, I am a Brazilian journalist and a photographer who decided to explore the world and show it from different perspectives, including underwater. My idea of photography is not about creating poses, but about documenting what I see. I don’t like to interfere in the moments, but to let them unfold and have my camera ready for them. 

My specialty is photographing people in natural places, on land and in the water with a feminine eye, and delicate colors which, in my perspective, show not only the instant but the feeling that was in that image. 

Before Maui, I lived in places like Fernando de Noronha, a beautiful island in Brazil, Curaçao, also an island, but in the Caribbean, where I was doing underwater photography and videography, and in Santa Cruz / California, where I started doing photoshoots capturing the beauty that I see in the connection between women, their love stories and nature, on earth and in the water. 

Now my current location is Maui / Hawaii where I can enjoy even more the warm weather and waters and create beautiful memories throughout my photoshoots. I also travel through the other Hawaiian islands and wherever else in the world the wind takes me. Island Muse Photography is a way to honor the islands I lived/live in. All of them brought me closer to myself and the ocean.


Thais Island Muse Photography photographer underwater wearing weight belt, snorkeling mask and flippers taking a photo