The experience of a water photoshoot is literally an immersion for you. It's diving in itself and also in the immensity of the waters, whether sweet or salty. In the early morning or late afternoon, it is to allow you deepest layers to flow on the surface, to feel how the waters make you bloom.

Woman in bikini half standing in water on Maui
Half underwater and half mountain view with woman standing in water and sun shining
Woman hugging herself standing in water with half underwater and half above
Woman's arm on surfboard with fingertips touching the water
The top half of woman above sea and sea ground underwater
Woman in water with white dress and splashes surrounding her
Hula dancer in Maui stream with hands cupped together
Woman floating face up in the ocean
Woman in white dress swimming underwater
Woman with eyes closed laying face up and hair flowing down stream
Woman standing in ocean with upper half of body above water and lower half below
Woman sitting knees to chest in Maui pond with flower back tattoo
Pregnant woman in white dress under water sitting on ocean floor
Woman smiling in arms up pose standing in the ocean
Woman laying face up in ocean with sun shining and glare over water

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