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Celebrate "Blue Friday" With Me

With the holidays around the corner, now is a great time to treat yourself to a stunning photoshoot on the beautiful island of Maui. To celebrate "Blue Friday" (my take on Black Friday) I am treating my clients with a big discount of 25% off on ALL of my photoshoots. Now is the PERFECT time to book a session and have amazing photos for years to come.

Take 25% Off - ALL My Packages

The Muse

The connection between a woman and the beach, the sand, the forest, the wind that makes you more present. This photo experience on Maui is an invitation to enjoy all the energy we carry with us when we spend a day by the ocean or in the forest.

$505 ($378.75 with promotion)

The Water Muse

The experience of a water photoshoot is literally an immersion for you. It's diving in itself and also in the immensity of the waters in Maui, whether sweet or salty. In the early morning or late afternoon, it is to allow you deepest layers to flow.

$605 ($449.75 with promotion)

Lovers On Land

Where would your be in the entire world with your favorite person? I think Maui is a great choice for lovers to register their memories. The land here is full of energy and you will feel it when you first step on this beautiful island.

$545 ($408.75 with promotion)

Lovers In Water

If you and your partner love the water, that's an experience you will remember forever. Maui and its clean and fresh waters, ocean and waterfalls, can take you both to another environment for photography, with tones of blue and green.

$645 ($483.75 with promotion)

Family and Friends

Your time with the ones you love the most. How much time we get to spend with them on a daily basis? That's the moment you can enjoy the Island of Maui with your family, friends and just be in nature.

$685 ($513.75 with promotion)

Your Brand

This photoshoot is for your Maui brand. Promoting yourself or your products that are created with love and are environmentally responsible. Sessions for brands also take place in nature and seek to bring a sense of lightness, fluidity and connection.

$750 ($562.50 with promotion)

Every Photo Package Includes

1-2 hour session

Depending on your package. For instance, the water packages and brand packages take around 2 hours.

Collection of 70-80 photos

I will select he best ones from our session and edit them in-house.

A high-resolution online gallery

Each client will receive a personal online gallery that can be accessed via a link.

Hi I'm Thaís, Nice To Meet You

I love to photograph women and their love stories.

We have so much to tell, and why not telling it with art? Women energy brings life to the sessions, whether you are felling great about yourself or are in a tough moment.

I usually say that the moment we have is now and by the time you decide to do a photoshoot, I'm here to help you with an experience that can change your perspective about being photographed.

A flowing experience that results in spontaneous images that will make you smile...

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“When planning our small wedding ceremony in Maui I researched local photographers and found most produced the same cheesy shots over and over….not Thais! Her photography immediately stood out to me as different and gorgeous. She is a true artist! Thais is extremely hard working, kind and very enjoyable to spend time with. She captured the moments and emotions of our day perfectly! I highly recommend her no matter if you are looking for an artistic shoot or a classic family session. She can do it all!”

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