When this island in Hawaii has calm winds and gentle whales

I know, in the end it's my opinion about this beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where I call home. Maui, one of the islands in Hawaii that has its seasons, time when there is more wind, more waves in the North or in the South, and time for them, the whales that gracefully show up in the Winter, from December to March.

Basically that's why already it's my favorite time of the year to be in Maui, in Kihei where I can go kayaking to see them a little closer, not to mention the cooler temperatures that makes even nicer to be by the beach and in the ocean.

There is an interesting story about a photoshoot I did here on Maui in Winter time. It was one of my water sessions and after I finished photographing an amazing woman, we talked about time and how we spend it on Earth. For me, again, another personal opinion, time is well spent when it's closer to nature.

That day, after the session, I saw a whale crossing closer to where we were. Geni, who I was photographing, let me use the little blue kayak her family has on the beach in Kihei. I got on it with my camera and had a beautiful and quiet encounter with one of these gentle giants who pass by Maui on the best time of the year to be here, when the wind is calm and the ocean is flat on Maui's southwest shore.